maxi dress

I’m really sorry that I haven’t updated this blog as often as I would like.  I’ve been busy with a few travel plans and that there are other stuff in life that distract me (they’re all good stuff, blessedly).

In any case, I do push myself to write about something different.  So today I’m going to talk about a kind of dress that I don’t normally wear, but is absolutely lovely, especially for the many vivid festivals in summer – the maxi dress.

Maxi dress is flirty and feminine, oftentimes with an unique ethnic touch.  I love maxi dress’ richness in color and patterns – thanks to the extra length of cloth.  It’s also a great item for tall women to show off their model figure without revealing their not-so-well-toned legs.

You’re lucky this season as you’ll be spoiled by choices.  My favorites include, but not limited to:

Miss Selfridge’s Carol maxi dress:


My favorite among all:  from T bag


want to dress up? here you go THE KEIRA SWAROVSKI MAXI DRESS


I think the one by Kate Moss/TOPSHOP is really cute (the first picture).  I’m not sure about the one by Urban Outfitters. I found it a bit too busy.


summer’s there!

Bought a couple of tunic dresses lately.  The best one is a blue tunic dress from Primark.  I wear it with a pair of brown Reef flip flop I bought when I was in the States..  It looks fantastic and it’s only £6!!!!!!! I love the lightness and cheerfulness in summer dresses.

Another fine purchase is a Kimono dress from ASOS. Have a look:

love the yellow!

Here I’m trying to show you how to wear these two beautiful yellow dresses with two different pair of shoes.



I have a preview of TOPSHOP’s Kate Moss collection a few days ago and I think they are fantastic! Much much better than the M by Madonna collection. I even have the urge to line up in front of the store on the 1st of May to witness this fashion craze.


Though many people, including myself, fall head over heels for this collection; I just know that wearing a Kate jacket won’t make me look 0.1% Kate Moss, so don’t even think about that. The model on the preview just can’t show the spirit of Kate. When you look at how Kate Moss wears her clothes and how others try to wear like her, you’ll immediately understand that shadowing a brand sometimes just won’t work.


You decide.  To my surprise, M by Madonna’s white dress is slightly cheaper 🙂


I think the key to create a killer look is to make everything in balance. Say, if you’re going to wear a balloon skirt, it will be wise to wear something that hugs your body nicely . Vice versa. My ideal summer look would be a baby-doll top and a pair of cute short.